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Hi, I'm Marcia Lindner

M.S.W, M.A.

Education Advocate

Marcia founded Lindner Educational Consultants to help parents best meet the short-term and long-term needs of their children, who may learn differently or have specialized educational needs.

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Marcia is trained, has experience, and “really knows the system.”


Marcia offers guidance, advocacy and support, to navigate the complexities and details of your child’s needs and the school system’s Evaluation, Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) and Accommodations process.

Marcia has more than two decades of experience as a classroom educator, Director of Education of a Supplemental School Program, social worker and is a parent of two children with educational, social skill and behavioral special needs. 


She trained as a professional advocate to combine her "inside" knowledge of the education system with her personal experience working with public and private school systems to have her children’s needs met. Marcia understands the “system” from both sides. This enables her to assist parents and schools to see each other’s point of view, and work collaboratively for the benefit of the child. She thinks “win-win.”


Parents need someone with knowledge and experience at their side to guide them through the educational maze, so they obtain appropriate services for their child and protect their rights under the law.


Let Lindner Educational Consultants help you put your child on the road to successful learning.

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