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Webinars and Special Events For Parents Of Children With Special Educational Needs…And For Corporations and Organizations, Customized To Your Needs

More online events coming up in the next few weeks, to be posted very soon! Sign up for updates
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Mask Mayhem:

What To Do When Your Child Won't Wear A Mask


Noon • 20 Minute Webinar, followed by Q&A

The rules on masks are constantly changing. How can you get your child ready right now… so if school resumes in person, they’ll be able to follow the rules.


This webinar will deliver strategies to break down the barriers of resistance, tips to make wearing masks fun, and alternatives for kids who might not be ready. 

This is a short webinar, no cost, about 20-30 minutes, followed by Q&A. Limited online tickets, sign up early.   Drop us a note, and we'll add you to the free Zoom webinar

A Parents Forum: 

My Kid Is Struggling, What Are The Best Ways To Get Help From The School?

September 4 • 11:30 am WATCH RECORDED VIDEO NOW

Executive Dysfunction & Remote Learning:  Creating A Toolbox For Your Child's Academic & Social/Emotional Success

September 13

For Parents of K-12th Graders •4:00 pm

Co-hosted by Lindner Educational Consultants and Student Organizers of Atlanta

Register for this FREE Webinar at

Remote learning is a challenge for many students, but for those who have an Executive Function Disorder, it is often stressful and unsuccessful without the right tools in the box.

This free webinar will deliver strategies to help you create a schedule that really works for your child, organize the learning space to optimize access, improve communication between home and school, and maximize opportunities for emotional and social learning.

Back To School:

Q&A with Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta

Sept 21 • 1pm


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Training, Organizations, Community

For Parents, Parent/Teacher Organizations, local school districts, religious groups, advocacy and non-profit groups, businesses and other community organizations. We provide seminars that make a difference.



We offer topics such as…


"The ABCs of IEPs."


“Mask Mayhem: Getting My Kid To Wear One During Covid 19”


“IEP vs. 504: What’s The Difference?”


“Executive Functioning: What Is It, and How Can Schools really Help?”


“The Importance Of Advocacy For Students”


“ADHD: When Is A 504 Plan Not Enough?”

“Parent Concern Statements: Why Are They So Important?”


“The Year At A Glance: How To Organize All That Paperwork!”


“The Paper Chase: Creating A Paper Trail That Helps You”


We can also customize presentations to meet your organization's needs and interests


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Coming late August/early September!


"I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta. The educational Q&A that you provided for us was exceptional for the very nervous parents that attended. You were able to calm them down in this perfect storm in our current educational landscape.


"I use you as often as I can and refer people to you any chance I get because of your abundance of knowledge but more importantly because of your ability to be calm and succinct. I have spoken to educators in my county who I know feel  the same. They have mentioned that they like when you come in for IEP’s because you are fair to both sides for the betterment of the child, you are logical and professional. Thanks, Marcia!"

— Sheryl Arno, Executive Director

Down Syndrome Association of Georgia


We bring parents specialized guidance and advocacy to help their struggling learners move from being stuck… to getting the help they need.


So they can do better in school… feel better about themselves… and put them in a position to move forward in their education… prepare them for employment… and lead healthy, productive lives.

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