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Lindner Education Consultants works with parents, schools and community groups to help them ensure all children receive free, appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment as mandated by the law.


We want to create a collaborative atmosphere among parents, teachers, administrators and kids — to  get them on the same page, with the right training and guidance— so that your kid can perform as best as they can… in an inclusive environment, as appropriate… and be on the level of their peers.




Identify Learning Issues

We help parents with a range of customized services. These often begin with assisting in the process of qualifying a child — either with unidentified learning challenges or with an already diagnosed special need, for special education services.



We help parents advocate for testing provided by the public school system or refer them to independent testing resources, if the system's assessment is inadequate, disputed or refused .


Advocacy For Special Education Needs

We help families with children who require special education as a result of autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, apraxia, dyslexia or other learning disabilities, or emotional/intellectual or health impairments.


Parent Education For Special Education Needs

Once a child has identified special education needs, we educate parents on the services mandated by law and help them advocate for those services with the school system in a collaborative way and assist parents in organizing the documentation needed to obtain services.


Helping Parents Prepare For IEP Meetings

We will prepare families for meetings to create or discuss Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or 504 Plans. This includes helping families understand testing results and other communication, prioritizing support materials, proposing goals and accommodations, and discussing strategies for the meeting.


Meeting With The IEP Team

We will accompany families to IEP, 504 and teacher meetings as well. We will also work with families to enable their students to understand the services to which they are entitled under their IEP or 504 plans and to advocate for themselves.

Guidance And Applying for Special Grants

Having the financial resources to provide the services your developmentally delayed or medically fragile child needs can be challenging and worrisome. You may feel that the path is riddled with obstacles, as if you have to jump through hoops, and it can be quite tricky. We're here to help.

Katie Beckett Medicaid Deeming Waiver Application Assistance

Katie Beckett picks up where your insurance leaves off and pays everything from your co-pays to deductibles, therapies (such as ABA Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy), medication and durable medical equipment.


Champions for Children

Champions For Children provides direct financial assistance reimbursement program available to families who have applied for Katie Beckett and received a Level of Care denial.


How To Work With Your Kids At Home

This may include coaching for parents on how to best work with their child’s learning style, gain their child’s attention, help improve their organization skills, and elicit positive behavior. 

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In the Classroom



You don’t want “just any” educational consulting or advocacy” for your child.


You want approaches that are practical… collaborative… and that work.


You really want to work with

Lindner Educational Consultants.

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"Like many of Marcia's clients, I met her during a hard time for my child. We were at a loss on how to navigate the complicated school system to make sure my child was able to get the education he deserves. Marcia worked hard with us to get an effective plan in place. She also took the time to educate me so that I am more confident in communicating with the school on a daily basis. I truly appreciate our continued partnership."


Public Schools

We can help schools and families find common ground and develop mutually-acceptable solutions during IEP/504 meetings and identify strategies that work with their students. We can also help schools explain the specifics and terminology of Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in terms that parents will understand.

We offer in-service training for teachers to help them communicate more effectively with families and students regarding special education needs and how they are being met in the classroom, and assist them in developing ways to collaborate with families, to provide support and self-advocacy for special education students.


Private Schools

We work in collaboration with  the learning specialists at your child’s school, to develop a Customized Learning Plan, which enables your child to gain momentum.  We use a variety of approaches, based on your child’s learning profile.




EAP: We are a remarkable resource for your company’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing high value for your employees, that helps you increases productivity, and helps with recruitment and retention.

AFFINITY GROUPS: If you’ve got an active program of Affinity Groups, we can help you expand your offerings with guidance, advocacy and resources — we’ll help you set that up, or run it for you.



Public Schools
Private Schools
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Autism Spectrum Disorders

Social Skills



Down Syndrome

Intellectual Impairment




Speech Language Impairment

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)




Expressive Language Disorders

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)





Auditory Processing Anxiety

Specialized Diagnoses

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