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High School Students


Private Plan

Private School Learning Plan

While students at Private Schools do not have access to the same programs of mandatory support available at Public Schools, many students at these schools may have needs for specialized support for their education.

ACCOMODATIONS: Your child may do better in school with "Accomodations" to help them work within their own learning style. And a special support plan may be warranted as well.


We can likely find out if these directions are right for your child with a short call. And if it's right for you, we'll guide you through this process in detail, and work with you and your school's administrators to get the support needed to help maximize your child's growth and development.

CUSTOMIZED ACHIEVEMENT PLAN (CAP): To address these needs, and to address the opportunities available at many Private Schools, we introduce CAP — your child's Customized Achievement Plan.


This tailored plan will address your child's needs and learning style. Moving past behavioral and learning issues, and a range of issues which may impact your child's future.

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We invite you to take advantage of a 15-Minute No-Obligation Conversation, to explore how to help your child strengthen their education and build their future.

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